Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

My Meaning of Home

Hello. Today I will be talking about what Home means to me. I hope you enjoy reading this.

To me, Home means love. I have a big family so I’m never alone. I love all my siblings and I know they always will have my back if I have problems. Sure we fight now and then but we always love each other. I have a lot of fun with my family, we play on our Wii U together, watch movies, go to our cottage in the Summer, and a lot more things. I like having fun with my family because everyone laughs and has a good time.

I’m the third youngest out of seven children and it does get tiring and annoying sometimes but I know since I have a lot of people around me, I’m safe. My parents don’t allow me to chat online because I can give info about myself and I could be kidnapped. I understand that inappropriate things can be on the internet and my parents want to keep me safe. I was allowed watching YouTube on my 10th birthday and I only watch appropriate channels to be safe. Safety is important in my family.

I hope you enjoyed reading my meaning of Home!