Grade 6

Port Alberni
British Columbia

My Meaning of Home

My Meaning of Home
“My house is made of bricks and beams but, my home is made of hopes and
dreams.”- Anonymous. My home is very loving but also very crazy. We never have
much time to do things, but when it comes to my family and the people I love I can
always find time.
Family is a big part of my life, they always help me, make me laugh and they always
love me. Family is also a big part of what makes my house a home.
All 4 of my aunties and my 2 grandmas always help in every way they can, and I am
very thankful for them. I also have a lot of cousins in Italy, about 42 altogether, even
though I do not know most of them I still hear a lot about them.
Another thing that comes to my mind when I think of home is friends.
Friends make me think of home because when they are over at my house or I
am over at theirs it feels like I am part of their family and I feel loved and that is how I
feel in my home.
My home always smells so good because my dad loves to cook. When he
cooks it makes my nose fill up with all types of different smells that travel throughout
my nose. It makes me feel happy when I eat his wonderful food. It makes my house
feel so much like a home in an extraordinarily strong way.
So many different things make a home for so many different people. If it is a
joke, a tradition, or a song, there are endless possibilities.
In my home the little things like our measurements on the wall from when we
were little tell now is what makes my home so much more special.