Grade 5


My Meaning of Home

Today was a good day at home. Home is a place to play video games and where I watch the Mandalorian on Disney +. I also get to play hide and seek with my dad and my sister. My sister is 4 years old and I love her lots. My home is a safe place to live. My home is where my family and I care for each other and are welcoming to others. I rest at home because it makes me feel warm and cozy. It is a place for my sister and I to grow up, to be big and strong. Playing with my toys makes me happy, and because I get to play with my toys at home it brings me joy to be there. In the mornings my family makes fresh banana bread for me to eat which I am very thankful for. My home brings my family together after school and after my parents work. I like to draw pictures of my home because it is a place where my family lives and due to the giant size of my home it’s fun to draw my house. I love my dog because I get to play with him in the house because it is safe and warm from the cold outside. The home where I live is a place that I hold dear to my heart and a place that means a lot to me.