Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

My Meaning Of Home

A home is something I came home to everyday after school.

A place where I can study, play, and hang out with my friends, too!

It’s the safest place for me, when I go to sleep there is no noise in front of me!

But in the day it is very noisy and loud, but hangin out with my family is the best!

But fighting with my sisters is the worst, they always get on my nerves!

I hope today is as good as tomorrow, because yesterday was as good as today!

So, I hope you join me on this wonderful day, because its so great and you can choose to stay!

Just remember to ignore my sisters, this home is great and we can’t stand them!

So come on and stay on this beautiful day, in wonderful home on this very fine day!

Just remember to be polite, and we will have a great time!