Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

Home is a comfortable place to me because when I go to sleep I know i’m going to wake up comfortable place morning in my bed is where I sleep. When I am stressed or a bad mood I feel sad and my family gives me warm hugs. The home that I live in is most of my life because that’s where I spend most of my time, sleeping and eating even more, some people don’t have a opportunity to have a warm place or somewhere to get help like water, food and more. My home is my favourite place to be also where I don’t get judged but more importantly where I get loved. Whenever I need help my family is there in my home. they will support me when I feel I’m alone. My home is somewhere I get food, water a place to stay. The most important thing is in my home to me is my family, family means almost everything to me. lots of people don’t have homes but homes is where you get to stay with your family and where you get food and water a place to stay most of all it’s worth to stay with family and to be alive. I spend most of my life in my home I get to eat at home, drink, sleep, have a shower. I am writing because lots of people need homes and lots of people don’t have anywhere to stay I hope well I know that somebody will win and I’m happy for the people who get to go into their new homes. Home is also where I grow.