Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

Home in my opinion is a privilege, a safe place, a warm and cozy, protected and fun place. Home is where you are raised to learn the values of life, make new friends, go to school, go to college, then start your life’s adventures. Until you choose to own your own home or start your own family.and until the days of your retirement, all under the same roof.

Home is a privilege. A home is place that a lot of people don’t have in the world so I appreciate the hard work that my dad and my mom do and the things they stopped doing in their life to make a safe and loving home for me. I also appreciate the government and some people that would help families find a home and help them with some money and food and sometimes mental help to be able to survive here in Canada because a lot of other countries don’t have that help.

Home is where you can be yourself and do whatever you want. Like jumping on your bed while spraying air freshener in one hand, and throwing stuff in a corner with the other hand.
Home is where no one will judge you. Home is a place where you can express yourself by decorating to your heart’s content. Where you can play hockey with family in winter to blooming flowers in vases.

Home is where the idea of your future is created. Home is where you should be loved and learn to love yourself to be able to give love with confidence. Home is a place where your should be valued to learn how to value not only a place of value because a home is not a home without lifes love and values.

Home is a place where we stand strong together as a family to learn how to stand strong as a nation to a united world. That is what home means to me.