Grade 4


My Meaning of Home

My Meaning of Home
When I walk in the door I feel home,and this is what i feel…

Home is where you can be safe and where you can feel like being yourself. It’s where you have your family and feel like nothing is wrong. It’s an amazing place where you can feel no hate. When you’re at home you feel not alone and when you got a roof you feel so soothed. So in my opinion I think everybody deserves a home. It should be a place where you feel special. So I Feel Home is an open book and your family and you write the pages. You make the memories you own the home,and you feel it in your heart. I’ve lived In mine my whole life. It seems hard to live without one. And my home makes me feel like I belong,the place where I make mistakes but fix them after a while. Everybody deserves it home even if you don’t like them. If I could I would give everybody a home. And an opportunity to fix your mistakes and to change the world. And it’s where the heart is.

That is my meaning of home!