Grade 4


My Meaning of Home

Home is where I feel safe. Home is where I am used to being. Home is where I live. At home I

can access my everyday things. I make memories at home. Like on

Fortnite when I reached level 100 and got the secret skin on Fortnite.

And my hamster died ya It was sad.

It would be sad if I were a person experiencing homelessness so let’s talk about people who are

because it is very serious. It would suck not having a home because you would be cold

sleeping at night and have a sore back from sleeping on the ground at night that’s why we need

to help people experiencing homelessness. Giving money is nice but what will they spend it on?

Do you know? You could get them something to eat but what are they allergic to? Even giving

them a smile you can do and they will feel like somebody cares about them.

When people build a community lots of people are happy because they get to meet new

people and build a stronger community together. There are many strong communities

in Calgary and for people living in Calgary we are one whole big community together.

I have probably not been to all of the communities in Calgary but what I said

earlier we are one big community together but in parts. Anybody can be in a community

like homeless shelters they are a community. Sports teams can be a community.

Anybody can build a community even you.