Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

My Meaning of Home

What do you think of when you hear the word “home”? Feelings? Family? Love? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s different than your friends, colleagues, boss or even family. Your meaning of home is yours and only yours. Home means everything and anything, including; family, tears and safety. Home is what you make it.

Family is home, family around you holding you tight, with your memories or in paintings. With you. In your home you have family. Whether your own family is your partner, mom, dad, brother, sister or even if what you choose as your family is a pet. Family is around you keeping you there and wrapping you with love making you feel content.

Tears. Tears are happy, sad, mad, scared. But they are in every home and that builds character. But think of home, i’m sure you think of love of comfort but some of you out there may be thinking of sad unpleasant emotion and that’s ok. Tears are part of home. Again emotion is part of home and you should feel ok and safe to show your emotion and share your thoughts. We cry, we are human. All of us spread emotion and tears especially at home.

A house is a building with walls and a roof, but a home can be where there is love and where you can feel safe. Hearing your doors lock can make you feel safe whether you live in an apartment, house, car, condo ect. You can get that feeling of safety with just a lock of a door.
Apart from physical safety in your home you are surrounded with people or animals that you trust and love. Trust is safety through emotions and feelings. Trust and safety, physical or mental, is at home.

Home is what you make it. You are you and your thoughts are yours, feelings, family and safety. Home means everything and anything, not everyone has a house but everyone has a home.