Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

Home is a gift filled with love and laughter which some people need. Home is kind of like life because once you fall you build back up to be stronger. When I open the door it’s like a big warm hug in my arms. When other people open their doors, they don’t see the same thing some see kids yelling, or broken furniture but no matter what they will go to bed that night and think I love my home. A house has four walls and a roof built with sweat and a home is built with love, loyalty and laughter. Home to me is opening my door and music playing all around me. When I walk the streets in Ottawa, I see a bunch of people that don’t have what I have and it’s sad because they shouldn’t suffer. Some people wouldn’t let strangers in their house because of what they looked like I would give them all homes. People think that home is four walls and a roof but that depends on how you look at it because people all have different opinions. Home to me is a loving family and fun activities.