Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

My home is epic! I have a Mom and Dad that really love me (I think), So I feel loved in my home. I have a big house, A 3 story house, And I feel more comfortable in my home. I feel loved at my house by my amazing Mom and Dad, I feel warm in my house I have a very warm and fuzzy blanket, a bed and a comfy pillow, I know I can lie down on almost whenever I want, Which I would hope that everyone would have but sadly a lot of people cant. I have a PS4 and a cool Phone I can use when I’m bored which I am really happy that I have. When I’m hungry I can go look in my fridge and pantry to get some yummy food and snacks, Which I am glad to have. I also have a T.V, Which I can use to play my PS4 on. When I get home from school I am so excited to see my little doggo who is also very happy to see me when I get home, which I am so happy to have a cute little puppy. And I will play Roblox on my Phone sometimes too, I also love sleeping. And I one thing I do the most in my life is play hockey, I play in my room because I have mini hockey sticks and nets. A house is made with walls and beams, A home is made with care and love. 😊