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My Meaning of Home

He wakes up before school and heads to the kitchen, ready for breakfast, he asks his mom for oatmeal, “We don`t have oatmeal,” replies his mom. “Well then I`m not eating!” Says the boy, but then he thinks about the people that don`t have any food and says, ” Actually I will have a peanut butter sand witch.” ” Okay. ” says his mom. The boy goes to get dressed and only had two shirts: a black one and a pink one, he didn`t like those colors, so he said, “I am not getting dressed today!” “you have to.” said his mom, ” you need to go to school!” Then the boy thought of all the people who didn`t even have clothes and said “you`re right mom, I do need to go to school” and off they went. When the boy gets to his kindergarten class and sits in his seat, he says ” This chair hurts my butt!” The teacher says “I`m sorry, but we don`t have any other chairs.” The boy was about to start yelling at his teacher when he thought about the children that didn`t have chairs and had to sit on the ground, and said ” can I sit on the carpet instead?” ” Sure.” said his teacher. The day goes on and it is finally bed time and the boy says “I am not going to bed!” But before his parents have a chance to reply the boy thinks about the kids who have to work hard all day and says ” I am actually pretty tired.” and heads to bed ready for another day!