Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

When I walk into the house I also see my 2 Dogs (Daisy and Finley).

Home is also a place where you sit down at the dinner table with your family and have a nice yummy warm meal.

When I am at home I play with my sister, we make forts, play wii, go sledding, go skating, play video games like, robloxs, minecraft education, we do family game night/ movie night, some of the games we as a family are, telestrations, clue, monopoly empire, monopoly national parks, and many more, some of the movies we watch/watched are we finished all the Star Wars movies and we are doing a marathon for lots of movies, and since we finished that we have been doing the marvel marathon, we just finished the second captain america movie, and the next two are guardians of the galaxy.

I also like to play with my dogs, Finley likes to play with toys, his favorite toy is his squirrel, how he likes to play with them is tug a war, or go fetch. How daisy plays, she doesn’t like to play with toys she only plays with one which is a duck, that has a squeaker in it, and it also was a rope toy at the end of it, but the way we normally play with her is where we take are hands but the on her side then she like hopes around or we chase her around the house or she will lay down then you put your feet under her and she gets up so you can chase her, or she bites you but she doesn’t do it hard she does it soft sometimes she does it hard but not on purpose so i wear a sweater on when i play with her.

Also home to me is if you are upset, having a bad day there’s always someone to comfort you.