Grade 6


My Meaning of Home!

As most people say home is where you hang your hat or where you feel so safe you can’t explain. Everybody has different ways to interpret how their home is half of their heart.

Judges, Home is a place where the things I love the most are. These things can make me laugh, they can bring back old memories that always bring me happiness.

You know that feeling of your family being near you that makes your heart feel full and happy. That feeling is something that makes home feel so relaxing. Family is always an important part to make someone feel at home.

Plants and specific furniture make me feel home because when you get home your first instinct is to probably go relax on the couch or go water a plant. For you the things that might make you feel at home would be a key or a certain pillow, but you can see how a certain item or piece of furniture can make you feel at home.

One thing that is always going to make me excited to be home is the enthusiastic bark of my rascal dog! Pets are a big part of home because their bark, meow of oink of joy when you come home is a reminder that you are finally home!

The creaky sounds of the stairs as I walk up them is one thing that I will always have in my mind when I think of my home. For all those small things, make your home special. One thing that some people don’t think of is how special their home is, your home doesn’t have to have a dazzling chandelier at the front door because all that matters is your house is special to you.

Home is in my heart and so no matter where I am in the world it is always there with me, because my family, pets, plants and creaky floorboards are what home means to me.