Grade 5


My Meaning of Home

When I walk into my home, it is peaceful and warm.
My home is filled with family.
If I am sad by my memories, my home is warm and loved.
I am grateful for all I have, even my pets.
My home is filled with joy and peace.
Everybody should have a home to live in.
My home is filled with family that care about me.
My dad tickles me until I cannot breathe.
When it’s dark, we sit by the fire while my grandma plays guitar.
When it snows, we go skidoo riding, it’s always fun when we go fast.
When my mom drives on the ice, I feel scared because I think that I would fall but I know I will always get up.
Me and my mom once went outside at our old home to give my horse a carrot.
She took the best picture of me giving my horse a carrot; it’s a good memory.
My home is safe because I have my family to protect me.