Grade 4


My meaning of home

Home, a place to you and the ones you love, just like a little box of your own universe, it might be a place of you and your pets, a place of you and your parents, somewhere that holds a place in your heart, somewhere you belong, it may not be held in a house but it is stable and strong with love, happiness, laughter and just something special, to you and loved ones. There may be fights, that result in something just so sorrow, but there is something or someone to catch your back before you fall, maybe a memory, a family member, a friend or something just so minor but it makes you smile, laugh or cry. Home, you can be yourself, a place filled with personalities, heart and things just so unexplainable. Feeling the warmth of a home makes you feel glad that you have a great home to run back to, maybe it’ll be with a friend, a family member or a pet, or maybe a room that makes you feel like you never want to leave, it doesn’t matter where you home is, when your home starts or who your home’s with, home is a dear sweet unexplainable thing. When times are rough, you know where to go, home. Life is complicated but home is a place where you can be simple, basically a part of life made different, somewhere specifically for you. Be grateful you have a home, so that you can happily give your loving home to another. At least, that’s what home is to me.