Grade 6

British Columbia

My Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home?
When I decided to write this essay I had to stop, think and ask myself, what does home mean to me? After some time I came to a conclusion.
Have you ever heard the saying “ home is where the heart is” well take a minute to think about it. Where does your heart belong? Does that mean it’s your home? Well that’s really for you to decide. There are multiple definitions for the word home. For example, one definition is; a place where one lives, another is; when a team plays on their own field, rink, etc. In my perspective home and house aren’t the same word and they’re not they don’t necessarily have he same meaning either. Home can be a place like the beach, somewhere you’ve traveled, the place you were born, an object like your bed, or even a time. I’m not saying your home can’t be your house because it definitely can and most likely will be, what I’m saying is it doesn’t have to be. Take a homeless person for example, just because they don’t have a house doesn’t mean they can’t have a home. Also what if you don’t know where your home is yet. Is that okay? When will you know when you’ve found your home? Take an orphan for example, they live in an orphanage and don’t have parents or a family to take care of them, so maybe they haven’t found their home yet. So if you haven’t yet that’s okay.
In summary my meaning of home is a place where you feel like belong. Where you’re comfortable to express yourself and be open with your emotions. Where you feel safe and loved, and where you don’t feel judged.
What is your meaning of home?