Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

My home has everything, but a house has nothing. That is why I think everyone should have a home. My home is a place where I gather; my home is a place where I am alone. My home is a place where I make memories; my home is where I learned all my firsts and I learned to love and be grateful. My home is warn and inviting place; my home is everything I need it to be. My home is somewhere I am free to be me. No matter the what the situation is I have supportive people around me helping me every step of the way. My home has positivity where a house has negativity. My home is somewhere I feel I belong, and I can be myself and not feel worried. My home is a place where I am welcomed, and so is everyone else. I am so thankful that in my home I have amazing people that will always support me to be the best I can be; people that bring the best out in me and make me feel some sort of way, that I can do anything if they are by my side. My home is a place where not everyone gets along a times, but can always work it out. My home is a place were I can feel safe in the community I am in. I love my home and I cant imagine life without my home. We need more homes for people without a home so they can live a happier life just like me.