Grade 5


My Meaning of Home

I am lucky to have a home. Without it I would not have space to roam or do anything. As lucky as I am, Some people have no such luck. I make this meaning in order for them to have a home. So they can know what home feels like. Home is a place where memories are cherished and is full of love and sweetness. Home is where it is peaceful and joyful. Home is where dreams grow like plants within the walls and roofs of houses. Home is where you feel safe and free. Home is where you can have fun and learn. Home is where everyone loves and supports you no matter, who you are or what you are. Home is where you can have fun and laugh! Home is where you can connect and talk to each other! A home cannot be simply built by cement or wood. It is built by memories,love,joy and friendship. In order to have a home you need shelter and this is what exactly these charities are giving. That is my meaning of home.