Grade 6

British Columbia

My Meaning of Home

Home is my happy place,
It is where I feel comfortable.
The happiness that I feel,
Is almost incomprehensible.

“Home is where the heart is,”
Is a quote I think of often.
When I’m lying in my bed at night,
Waiting for my emotions to soften.

Home is where it’s safe,
It is where I can be protected.
From wind and rain,
And from being disconnected.

Home is the smell of fresh-cooked meals,
Made by my mother.
Making exquisite dishes at breakfast and lunch,
One after another.

Home is my loving family,
Always taking care of me,
While I’m sitting in my room anxiously,
They are always there to comfort me.

Home is full of memories,
Whether they’re happy or sad.
They’re full of fun experiences,
Even if they’re wonderful or bad.