Grade 6

British Columbia

My Meaning of Home

Home is a special place for everyone. I think everyone needs a home because it’s a type of shelter that can protect you. You need it to be safe, have a nice smell, and have many items to make it your own home.

Your home needs to be safe so you feel comfortable.
Having a safe home is great because you would not worry when you are alone at 3:00am watching Youtube. Just kidding, but having a safe home won’t make you nervous, scared, or afraid of your own home. You also want your home to feel safe for your guests. If they do not feel safe then they might not want to go back to your place. To shorten it, try to keep your home a safe place.

I think the most important thing about a home is the smell.
It can bring back memories such as, when your mom always made your favourite meal and that smell would bring those memories of that meal. I have a special smell in my home and it reminds me of the fun times I had with my parents. Every house’s smell is unique and I love that because I get to smell something new everyday!

You need to fill up a home with furniture to make it your home.
Of course you need a fridge and a couch, but you can add whatever you want. Maybe you wanna get a computer, or a shelf or anything else you want for your home. You can customize as much as you like. In my home, I have funko pops. There are small or big figurines that can be Spongebob, Patrick, or The Grinch. What I’m trying to say is you need your main things in a home, but you can customize your house as much as you want with whatever you want!

These are what I think make a great home. The home being safe, it’s own unique smell, and any furniture you want. Thank you for reading my hard work, and have a nice day.