Grade 6



My home is a safe environment where everyday is a new day to forgive and forget. My home is warm and cozy. It is almost like love is in the walls. I come home from school and some warm freshly cooked baked goods are waiting for me and the smell of yummy treats spreads throughout my lovely house.
The safety I feel when I am in my home, I walk through the front door and get greeted with a warm fuzzy hug. Also a “how was your day love” by my mom or my grandma. I have two dogs and they are both so soft and snuggly. In my home I feel involved like I get to help bake cookies and make dinner.
In my house, my younger brother and I carry a lot of responsibility. Our dogs are a lot of work. My brother and I have to bring them outside, feed them ,and all the things that go along with having a dog. When we don’t do our chores, my mom forgives us. My mom sets wonderful examples for my brother and I she shows hard work and dedication.
The candles that burn in my home smell so good, kind of like fresh pancakes on a Sunday morning. The smell of home is distinctive, coming inside after playing in the snow or walking inside to a nice cool house after playing outside. I have such a good environment to grow up in with sports buzz in the air. I love watching the Leafs play and watching with my mom.
I am such a lucky kid to be able to enjoy nice parents, safe environment, a supporting home, and to have a well kept house that I can call my own and is dependable.