Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

For me home is a place to unwind and rest the mind. To take things off your shoulder. A area to lay down and take a deep breath.
Home is a place to listen to your pet speaking or your mom and dad discussing to you about how life works or to tune into music when you’re down.
A place to do laundry and to smell the comforting aroma of clean clothes. A place to smell your mom cooking your preferred meal at dinner.
When youre sprinting home and you see the spectacular layout of your house and when you walk in you see your brother greet you for coming home.
It’s dinner and you dash to the kitchen to eat your favorite food of all time. For me it’s pizza! The marvelous taste of that cheesy goodness reminds me of when my mom would bring home pizza.
The amazing feeling of hugging your brother reminds me of how blessed I am to have a nice home and a spectacular family.
I feel very lucky for a house and that I don’t live on the streets. With every close memory I will be more determined to share a piece of happiness to everyone else and that’s where this writing came from.