Grade 5


My Meaning of Home

My Meaning of Home
Home is love, love for always
Love that travels in many different ways
To forgive even when it’s hard
Knowing that after there will be joy in your heart
Even if it’s not your birth home
It should be something you treat as your own.
Broken hearts, tears in the eyes,
Having times where you fall and rise,
It’s all part of a great surprise.
A mansion of gold, light in the darkness
Knowing inside is full of kindness.
The second you open the door
And step onto the floor,
Then you’ll know all the stress
Was worth the crazy mess.
A home needs no walls nor a roof
Your home is not a house as long as you have love that’s proof.
To love your neighbour as yourself,
Knowing that you don’t have to be stealth.
Like a prophet preaching aloud
Your home should light like a cloud
Be loud with love not with hatred,
Because the last chapter won’t be read,
If it ends in hatred.
My meaning of home is great to me,
Its okay if you don’t yet see
But this is my meaning of home,
And I hope you’ll see that this is important to me.