Grade 6

Cold Lake

My Meaning of Home

My Meaning of Home
A home for me is a place where you feel safe, a place where you know you can come back to no matter the occasion. The moment you are home, you know that you can express yourself without judgment. When you know that you are safe, you have found a home. Your home can be under a bridge or even a flat platform over your head, wherever you are comfortable. That’s what matters.

When building a home, it’s not about the material you use, it’s about the amount of love and time you put in to have a life for your children and even their children. The home that I’m living in at the moment, my family and I built. I made a friend with one of the builders. He was from Germany. Building a home will give you friends that you would never know was possible. Having a home is not a privilege and not something that you earn. It is something that you are willing to make or to help build. When I hear that you build houses for people in Canada, it gives me hope that no one will have to be homeless again. Volunteering and building homes for others is a really respectful and thoughtful thing to do