Grade 5


My Meaning Of Home!

Happy with your family.
Full Of joy.
Moms hug you!
Everyone’s safe.

My home makes me feel safe when I get home from school I go on the couch and sleep! When my mom gets home I jump off the couch and hug her. My brother and I play on his Xbox and than play a board game, not all the time but most of the time! Home makes me feel loved sometimes I feel down and my cat and dog help me out! Home means joy, happiness, for every one to feel loved so if your reading this just know home is your happy place!

Home is joy, love so if you don’t have a home don’t worry you’ll find one soon! Home is a place for you to chillaxe,watch movies with your family. Home is where my family is where my pets are, where you eat food!
I have a room to myself and it’s my place to SLEEP! But most of all my family <3 where you play with your siblings or family or most of all family time we have game night some nights, we had Tacos
(not on Tuesday!)…I love my family so much! Don’t you? Help homeless people don’t leave them begging on the street.