Grade 4

British Columbia

My Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Hello, I am Grade 4 student and live in Victoria, BC. I am 9 years old and I came to Canada with my family from other country 4 years ago. My parents always worked hard, we lived in many places, but we never had a house we could call home. We always lived in rented apartments. Finally, last year my dream came true and my family bought a small townhouse.

When I come home I feel safe and that I’m in the right place. When I’m tired, my home cheers me up or I relax on the couch. When I come in my bedroom and I go to my bed, it feels fluffy. Then, I feel that I’m in a fluff world. I like my home. It’s better than the apartment we lived previously in, because it was really squishy there.
Also, there’s a playground next to our house, a lot of kids, and I made a lot of friends there! And one of the best things I like, is the swimming pool! Me and my family like swimming there.
When it’s Christmas it’s really beautiful in the complex I live in. I think Canada is a great place to live because it’s beautiful here and you can get good jobs here.

The most important thing in my house is my family. My family makes it feel home. Our home is full of love, joy and happiness because we all live in it, we love our home and each other. Your home could be anywhere in the world, it can be built of any material or be rented. The most important thing in any home is happiness, love and joy.