Grade 5


my meaning of home

A home should be were you are loved the most
To me it das not matter about the size,the colour or the looks as long as you have a roof on top of you , walls surrounding you and windows to look at the amazing world

There is a bunch of amazing things can happen in your home by example

Getting a new dog or even a baby brother

Taking care of your house is the most important thing cause if you do not it will make you pay like things will break and you will really need to pay with real money but it is wourth it to have a house

the things i love about a house is that you can do any thing in it achivement or even approvements

But the one word that duscribes a house is unique it may look the same from the outside but how you decorate inside is more important then you think cause you want your home to be unique like adding a panting on the frige is really amazing cause no one has the same one cause you made it unique your self