Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Meaning of Home

My meaning of home
My meaning of home is the memories you make.I remember the day we brought my dog,Jerry,home.I also remember the day we adopted my cat,Murray.I have a lot of memories with my family and friends.I know that the meaning of home can be different for some people and some might disagree.But for me,my memories are part of my home.

Home is a place where you make memories,friends and projects.My favourite memories are with my friends and family,from birthday parties to Christmas,I love them all.My home is a memory I will cherish for a very long time.

Many friends have come and gone,some I won’t miss.But sometimes you have to let go of them for yourself.Memories cab stay with you as long as you want,and sometimes you have to let the go to make room for more.

Home is also a place where you can be yourself.Whether it be quiet and calm or loud and active,you can be yourself at home.