Grade 6

Honey Harbour

My meaning of home

Home Is where I have memories from all of my past. Home is where I can see my friends and family and have lot a of laughs on the way. I love being home because I can be whoever I want to be and I can be refreshed.
To me home is the nicest place I can be. Home is where my ups and downs will be but I will still love it because it is somewhere where I feel safe and I have a roof over my head. Home is not a place it’s that wonderful feeling. I know I’m home when I feel like I’m in a very special
Place. When I get home I feel like I will always be loved no matter what happens. My home is where all of my dreams come true no matter how old I am. Home is somewhere everyone will never be forgotten. Home is where I am recognized the most every day. When I’m home I dream and when I wake up I say to myself that was my favourite dream but I say that to myself every morning because all my dreams are the best. Home makes me feel very comfortable . A place when other people are discouraged I can Make them feel encouraged and welcome. At my home I can show all of my talents to everyone that loves me. Home is somewhere people can believe in whatever they want and to them, it will be true to them. Home is a place of comfort when I am scared. When I think of having a home I feel like the luckiest person in the world and I think every family should have that feeling of home.