Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My meaning of a house

What the meaning of a house to me is that it’s not just a house, it’s more of a protector or a part of family. But say you owned house where there were lots of family who lived by, you went to a school where you had lots of friends even a crush or a boy/girlfriend.

See you may be thinking “How does she know all this?” Well to answer that is younger as a kid I could never stay in one home. My mom fell in love we moved, just for space we moved. It was really hard for me, but we settled, with me, my mom, my step dad Rob, my sisters Caitlyn, Kiera and Goose/ Alexis and a new baby who isn’t even born yet!

I’ve once had a house was red and there I met Princess and Tiger my favorite cats.

Another time I lived in a house that had nails sticking out of the stairs. In that house I had two of my favorite cats Princess and Tiger. Sadly we got rid of them because my step dad is a neat freak, and they shed a lot. And one day I stayed up past my bedtime and it was green outside, really I wanted to see a wolf because I was young and adventuristic. I recently watched a show with wolves and I thought they were cool. Ok I’m getting off track.

I’ve also lived in a house where I said my last cries and goodbyes to Princess and Tiger, that house we also had a puppy named Bear, although i didn’t think he was a puppy as he is big.

But that’s enough about me and my thought of a house, I really think i went all out on my thought of a house, I know it’s long, but I hope you enjoyed reading