Grade 4


My Magnificent Home

As I step into my warm, magnificent home, I feel I sign of relief. Suddenly an unpleasant thought popped up in my head. What if I didn’t have a home? What if there will be no place for me to pop up my feet and lean back on my comfy couch?

Now imagine it’s extremely cold, your fingers are frozen, your cheeks are solid red, and all you want is to go home were you can be warm. And you’d think everybody would be able to do that, but sadly no. Some kids would have to sit in the cold all day. It’s just not fair.

I think an important part of home is to make good memories you can look back at. A good one to look back at for example, it’s Christmas morning, you walk towards the Christmas tree and BOOM! Right in front of you is a cute happy puppy!

Another extremely important part about home is to feel safe. I think it’s important to know that, when you’re in your home, you’re safe. That strangers aren’t walking around trying to hurt or steal. It’s hard to feel safe when your living on the streets!

When I walk out of the school bus, I love to know that my parents are waiting inside to give me and my brothers a kiss on the cheek. That’s why feeling loved at home is super important.

It makes me feel depressed knowing that kids, teens and adults don’t have a home to feel safe, to make new memories, and to feel loved. I hope I can make a difference.