Grade 5


My Magical Home

Everyone deserves a loving home.
No matter who you are or what you do.
My home is not not simple, there’s more than just a couple of walls and a roof.

It’s way up high in the sky!
There’s love, food, water, shelter and all of the above.

The fireplace keeps me warm, after a long day of joy.
I play with my siblings whenever..
I sleep in my cozy bed.
I hear the wind whoosh, every time I take a deep breath.

They say, everyone deserves a magical home, not just any home, a home to take care of you!

I’ve learned many things
Like never giving up when you fall…
Home is somewhere wonderful to stay, home is more than just a friend.
Home will help you throughout all, home built who I am.

I love my home, do you?