Grade 4

West Kelowna
British Columbia

My Magic Home

My Magic Home
I will put in my magic home
A dresser with an emerald handle
A window that lets you see the wonders outside
A door that leads to a mystery room
Filled with joy and love.

I will put in the magic home
A dragon that sets the fireplace on fire
On a cold winter night
A pool table that is made of diamonds with emerald pool balls

I will put in my home
A chalk board that only lets you use
Marker and pencil crayons
And thick paper that lets you use chalk,
And takes the powdery dust off the paper.

I will put in the magic home
A floor made of obsidian
A roof that keeps you warm
Like your mom and dad hugging you
And the walls that keep you from freezing
On a cold winter night with the northern lights shining in the night.

With my home I will
Take my house from coast to coast
And I will end in Africa with a lifetime supply of water
I will turn my house into a boat and travel across the ocean
I will flatten my roof and put a go-kart track on top
And race with friends.