Grade 5

West Kelowna
British Columbia

My Magic Home

The Magic Home

I will put in my magic home
A shiny chandelier hanging from a glass roof
The windows of wishes and wonder
And a bathroom of the most memories and happy thoughts.

I will put in my magic home
The stairs of an icy castle
The mountains of white shiny snow falling from the cotton candy coloured cloud
The walls of a fiery looking walls
And the floors of electric sky waters of Atlantis

I will put in my magic home
The closet of mysterious tunnels,
And the rooms of fluffy free fun puppies,
The chair of the softest fuzziest father on Earth.

I well put in my magic home
The sound of the sea speaking to you
And the sound of the relaxation helping you through problems.

I will put in my home
The shadow of colour
The rainbows of shades.

My home is made of memories, happiness, and friendship.