Grade 5

West Kelowna
British Columbia

My Magic Home

My Magic Home

I will put in my magic home
an escalator that is made of gold,
a diamond time machine that will take you to a magical place
and a friendly dragon.

I will put in my home
an aquamarine water fall,
invisible cars, and a ten wheel Maserati.

I will put in my home
a flying snowbike that can take you anywhere
and some shooting stars that look like fireworks.

I will put in my home
A very furry kitten and
stars that look like sparkles.

I would put the moon in my home
and the Atlantic Ocean so I could go surfing on the waves.

My home is made from
a hard carpet and a soft floor
and gold snow and steel.

With my magic home
I will plant one million trees in one day
And I will get rid of all of the pollution in the air.