Grade 5

West Kelowna
British Columbia

My Magic Home

My Magic Home

I will put in my magic home

A flying carpet with exquisite designs in all colours
Walls that keep all of the memories in
The lovely windows that you can look out to see new adventures.

I will put in my magic home
The cloud stairs that lead to a loving family room
Terrific coach with bright soft pillows
A delightful roof with cherished memories.

I will put in my magic home
A candy door that takes you in a delightful house
A magical chandelier that brightens your day
A cheerful bed that welcomes you.

I will put in my magic home
A rainbow shining waterfall and pink starfishes along the sea shore
Kittens with wings that fly around the house.

I will put in my magic home
Unicorns swimming and dolphins on lavender clouds

My magic home is made of
Violet and teal brick walls
A rose gold glittery roof
And a rainbow cotton candy floor mat

In my magic home
I will play games with my siblings, family, and friends
And share my special moments with people I love,
And I will be thankful and grateful for everything I own and love.