Grade 5

West Kelowna
British Columbia

My Magic Home

My magic home

I will put in my home

The whist of whistling wind on a cold day
the blue shining moon when the sun meets the eye
a rainbow with luck and joy

I will put in my home

a cat that carries all your memories
the beautiful shine of sugar
a fluffy bed that gives dreams and captures nightmares

I will put in my home

The tickle of grass on the tip of your fingers
The feeling of sand between your toes
The pictures that are in your mind

I will put in my home

the 13th month and 2021
a meowing dog and a barking cat

my box is made from diamond shine,
the laughter of children,
and a hint of sunlight,

I shall cover my home in a rainbow shield to protect it from the snow,
so, then it will shimmer and glow with sea salt
and a hint of love when we all come together