Grade 5

West Kelowna
British Columbia

My Magic Home

The Magic Home
I will put in my home
Glasgow diamond walls
A golden soccer ball statue
And even a couch that when you sit on it you sink into a world of wonders.

I will put in the home
A bed as soft as a magnificent marshmallow
A cloud full of joy
A rainbow that never fades out.

I will put in the home
A window that makes you see a winter wonderland
A carpet that feels as soft as a new born kitten
And unlimited water for Africa.

I will put in my home
A roller coaster that leads to the front door
And everlasting food.

I will put in the home
Concrete that’s fluffy like cotton candy
And a pillow as rough as a rock.
The home is made from
Platinum blocks,
Memories on the walls,
And a titanium roof

I will duplicate my home
Then give to all the homeless people
And give them a happy life.