Grade 5


My lovley home

My lovely home!

A home. A home can be almost anything a house ,condo, apartment and lots more. For me a home is a peaceful, comfortable, and safe place with lots of love, care and emotions where we make many memories together as family.

When I am with my family I feel
like I am the sun and all of of my family members are all orbiting around me.And that’s what makes me feel safe and sound because my family is with me.

We make memories by having fun in all sorts of ways. Like the time in march when me and my family went to disney and had lots of fun and made lots of memories there !

Home is even a comfortable place for me too.For example if I want to lay down on my bed for a while and want to sketch I can. When I am relaxed at my home it feels like a warm and delicious soothing cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows! I hope home can be a comfortable and fun place for everyone !