Grade 4


My loving home

A home is the heart’s greatest desire fulfilled.
A home is a place where I learn lessons but must confess.
As my home sees the tip of dawn it wakes up everything big and small.

My home basks in the sun while I play and have fun.
I know I will never be alone while I am at my magnificent home.
And once I am fed I can go up to my cozy bed.

One of the places I feel safe is tucked tightly under my mother’s cape.
The amazing thing I feel is love and it is a true feeling all above.
My home is not kept up by bricks.

It is kept up by warm and happy memories that stick.
At my home I can ask for help.
And restassured I can always be myself.

It is sad to hear some people don’t feel complete.
So they are left with the feeling of defeat.
I know I will never have to report and my family will always give me support.

I know I always have to try but I know it’s always ok to cry.
Everybody can play games and nobody has to keep up a charade.
There is always a light that shines very bright.

A home is the greatest gift.
A place where I can get an extra lift.
There will never be enough toys.

To live up to the amount of joy.
At my home I can read my books.
While my mom cooks.
Some things are always a surprise.
But nothing is ever to despise.

Everything is as delicate as glass.
Even the luscious green grass.
Sweet smells fill my room.

And at my home I will never have to face doom.
My home will stay up through summer, spring, winter and fall.
A home is the place I treasure above all.

I love my home!