Grade 5

British Columbia

My loving home

A home Is a brilliant place where you can express your feelings without being inbarest . I need my family there because I need their love , and I feel like everybody should like some love in their life . I have a wonderful home.
The bathroom is very nice. I remember when I did a face mask with my mom it was very fun and relaxing. I have most of my memories in my backyard. One of the memories is that I used to play soccer with my dad, and the ball was very flat. My dad always won . It was still very positively fun !!! The basement is wonderful. My mom , my dad has an office down there. I used to pretend I had a Youtube channel and talk to myself.
It was very funny for my mom because she came down there when I was doing it . On my door to my room there’s a poster that I made for school ,and it is for science . to just say this family is free it doesn’t cost money.
I also hope that you have wonderful items in your home too that help you with your life or when you’re sad . all of those items, and memories that I talked about are very important to me . my family.
Family means to me are people that can help you whenever you need it . or whenever they need help you can help them , the meaning of family to me are people that try not to be in berasing but they’re just looking out for you . making sure you are safe,and healthy .happy,
And making sure you FEEL safe too.
It’s not just about you, your family has to feel safe too . healthy ,and I also make sure my mom and dad are ok .