Grade 4


My Loving Home

My Loving Home
Home is the place where I’m free to do anything,
When stepping in from the cold terrifying -45
degrees with the howling windchill
to a warm place. I meet and hug my mother
With her delicious cooking. Also adding to my joy is my
Grandmas world famous Gulab Jamun. I
Just can’t resist their cooking.
I live with my parents, Grandparents, and my little brother and older sister..
Speaking of my brother I fold out my arms so he may hug me but instead he kicks me.
I scold him. I almost hit him but his adorable
face almost bursts into tears.
I don’t, instead a horsey ride works,
My dad comes home after work..
As I call him Pops, he sings his ridiculous songs.
I slide down to my favourite spot downstairs
while I build with Lego. Its 9:30. Time for bed but I
notice I haven’t talked to my elder sister. She
tells me about high school drama.
If I had a choice to have a home without a family or have family without a home I’d choose family. My family.
I will always have a home because of my two loving hardworking parents..
Home means the world to me. I couldn’t imagine
what condition I would be in if it weren’t for my home.
The people make my home feel like home.