Grade 4


My Loving Home

My home makes me happy because it has a backyard. In my backyard, there are small pine trees. I run around and play with my sisters. We do bar-be-cue too! In summer, sometimes on Sundays, we eat our dinner outside. And in my backyard it has a door and in front of the backyard there is a building with cars and grass with a walking road and trees. Sometime we go out to the backyard and bring a carpet and lay down and see the twinkling stars.

My home makes me feel happy and safe because my mom and dad are there to protect me and my sisters. I like to be happy because we do fun things, like jumping in the bed and watching an amazing episode on my sister’s iPad.

My house has a garage. My mom keeps her car inside it. We also keep our bikes and summer toys inside it too. My house has 3 bedrooms and I share the room with my sisters. I enjoy all of the rooms in my house. I have flower pictures hung up in our room.

The important thing is to keep our house clean and keep the temperature comfortable. I feel lucky to have such a nice home.