Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

My Loving Home

My home is where I like to play

My home is where I like to stay

Piper my puppy

Piper giving puppy ears for peanut butter

My home is where my Parents and Piper are

Popping popcorn

The loud BOOM of the thunder all snuggled up in my comfy bed

Crazy hair in the morning

Lots of love wrapped in a hug sandwich

Droopy eyes

Drumming rain

The lingering smell of puppy treats

The jumping of the jittery bunnies

The whistle of the whistling wind

The ding dong of the doorbell

Everyone dashing to the door

The racing hearts of the petrified bunnies

What would it be like with no home

The cold empty breeze no one there to love you

Just looking in at all the happy Joyful faces

All you have is a wish

A wish that one day you will have a home of your very own