Grade 5


My Lovely Home

Not everyone has a home like me, my home is loving, caring and sometimes quiet. Unluckily not everyone can have that same joy. Everyone’s home is different sometimes in good or bad ways. Most-Likely good ways, let me tell you what a home is like to me. Home is a place of joy, memories, loving people, caring parents and siblings. That’s a home to me. Yes there are some flaws but we get through it together no matter what. Although a home is a safe place. When my family talks in the house I feel safe. A house is a building with four walls, a home is a place with love and affection. In my home I love my food home is where love is born. Exhausted from cleaning with my family after we all eat and play games. Locked inside the house at least I have a loving family to comfort me. Home is really wonderful. At home you always see your family. Also home is where you can come to after school, if you had a bad day you can just sit down at home. Love is home, home is where you see your family and friends, a home is warm not cold. A home is loved not hated. Maybe you’re the only child and you want a sibling but you can’t get one just think your house is full of love already. Sometimes you get into fights with your parents or siblings, and plain to run away. Just think you never actually run away because you love your family so much that you think you will but you’re not. Love is forever so don’t hate it love, love. Home is what you make it.