Grade 5


My Lovely Home

What is a home? Home is a place to have some space. Home is a place to feel safe. A home is a place where you can live. A home isn’t always a house. A home can be a cave, or an airport. A home can be a nice place to have memories. A home can be very pretty. Not all homes are pretty, because some people struggle with money. A home can be amazing for you and me!

Why is home so special to me? Home is special to me because I have my family. Home to me has so many sweet memories! Home gives me warmth, if there is a storm. Home keeps me company. Home lets me watch TV. Home does have good and bad memories, but that doesn’t mean home is not special to me. This is why home is so special to me.

What is the difference between a home and a house? A home keeps you safe and comforts you, like I said. A house is a building made of brick and wood, but I love my house! My home is my house, but a home can be anything! All homes should be loved! I hope you enjoyed reading!