Grade 6

British Columbia

My Lovely Home

When I enter my house I see nothing but a mouse. Once I’m inside I feel nothing by my side but when I’m at home I feel like I’m never alone. My home is where I have lots of love and pray every day from up above. My home is nice and pretty safe, it’s what I call my

favorite place. It’s where I gather all my stuff but some people think that it’s not enough. A home is not just bricks and walls, it’s a place you join the small and the tall. Some unfortunate people don’t have a place to go. They are left on the streets cold and alone. By writing some words on an empty small page, we can happily make a lovely person’s day. I am counting on you to do something right. Make

someone’s life merry and bright! Every small penny adds up to an amount. Loving and caring especially counts! When the people announce that we helped someone without a home, they would be glad to say that they have something they own! We are making sure you have somewhere to go. A place that you know until you grow old.