Grade 5

East St.Paul

My Little Memory Box

A place I can stay toasty on freezing days and cool on scorching days.
A place where laughter fills your day.
A place I can come home from a hard day and smell the sweet scent of banana chocolate chip cookies baking.
A cozy blankie with soothing pillows to say goodnight.

I can’t imagine how it would be to have no home, though. Hard, very hard.
But I can imagine how happy someone who didn’t or doesn’t have a house, when they got or get one. Joyful, very joyful.

A home is more than just a house, though. It’s like your little memory box; as long as you’re there the more memories you’ll make. Some hilarious, some amazingly glorious, some frustrating and angry, and some sad. And the longer you have your little memory box, all memories will be remembered and even more will be made.

Hopefully I can raise some money from this contest to raise money for people who are not as fortunate as I am, who don’t have a home. The money will make a home. A little memory box.