Grade 5

New Brunswick

My Little Home

Imagine not having a home to go home to ay night or not having any spot to call home. Well, unfortunately, some people don’t have a home so it’s our job to make a difference.
Think really hard about not having any food to eat or clean water to drink. We all have it but when you go for a drive anywhere you see people that are eating out of the trash just to survive or drinking from a dirty pond so they don’t get dehydrated. In their houses, some people don’t have plumbing, heat or cooling.
Now, some people do have homes but they only have walls and a half a roof. Sometimes it’s not even safe to be there. Some people have family there which is good so they are not alone. That means that all their money goes towards the family not a better house. Some don’t have furniture or only one outfit or no lights or power. That’s why Habitat for Humanity is so kind and important.