Grade 6


My life at my house

Home is a place that you feel welcome. A happy place where you can laugh and learn. A place where the people inside love you very much. It is where you feel safe and you are respected.

My home is like many others. I make my bed, I laugh, I play games, I eat food, and I help around the house. I’m fortunate to have all of these things but I feel sad for the people that don t have the same privilege’s. The life of those people who are living on the streets isn’t fair. I just wish they could have a home or at make sure they can have their basic needs met.

Life is a gift people who are living a good life should be thankful for all of us have this opportunity to live and be happy no matter what happens. We should all be happy for. What all of us have and hope for others to live happy. And that is what I think of home