Grade 6

Campbell River
British Columbia

My ideal home

My ideal home
Home is an awesome place that I always want to be. My family is the most important thing in my life and my favorite thing at my house when I am there. My Auntie, Dad, Uncle and Grandma are four of the most important people in my life because if it wasn’t for them I would be living in Vancouver with my Mom and I don’t want to be there. My family also supports me, respects me and loves me. I love my current house a lot because of my backyard. But if I had to design my favorite backyard, I would have a baseball field in the back with a big mountain with snow and a chair lift so snowboarding. I would also have a creek system so I can go fishing whenever I want. My dream backyard has a fifty foot deep pool with a bunch of cliffs. One is 15ft and the other is 35ft tall. Inside my current house is awesome. But my dream is to have two flat screen television sets and one monitor with stretch screen and two Xbox’s connected to my flat screen and monitor and one ps4 connected to my other flat screen in my bedroom. I would also have a king size bed with a heated blanket. In the living room, there would be a black leather couch with an electric recliner and mounted to the wall is 85 inch flat screen smart TV with a cable box. In the kitchen I want two ovens and a microwave and a fridge that has a screen on it that you can draw on and you can text on it and things like that. I saw one of those in Home Depot and thought it was so cool. On the counter in the kitchen, I want an Alexa so when you have a question you can say “Hey Alexa” and ask it something and it will answer it. My home is awesome because of who I live with, but my ideal home would have all of the above.