Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

My idea of home

A home and a house are two different things. Think of it like this. Without a family a house is nothing. It can’t function without someone in it. A body, being a house, can’t function without a heart, being, well, you. My home is family.

I think of my home as a place where my opinions are taken into account. Where I can say whatever I feel inside me and have no one will get mad at me. I can share my opinions whether my family agrees or not. I also feel loved, where if I’m mad, sad, lonely or frustrated, my family will be there. My parents and brother will cheer me up and make me feel better. My home is about acceptance.

It’s a sanctuary, where I can just relax, be in the moment and enjoy the small things. But, other times it can be very chaotic. There might be someone chasing the dog, food being cooked, people having conversations, music playing, all at once. But without that type of excitement, I don’t think I could enjoy myself. My home is about feeling.
Sadly, not everyone has a house or home. Not everyone has a loving family, a place where they feel accepted and a place where they feel safe. Whether I win or not isn’t the point, the point is that I’ve given someone ten dollars for writing an essay in the hopes that they can have what I have in some small way. So hopefully I’ve helped a family in need. But anyway, this is my idea of home.